Couponing just got even better, with Groupon Coupons!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

So you coupon, well things are looking even better in your world, Groupon now does coupons! Not only can you get discounts on thousands of products on their website, but you can now add a coupon for your shopping at a wide range of stores. There are hundreds of deals to be had, for example, 40% off Avis car hire, 50% off Expedia.


Just think of all the discounts you will miss if you aren’t using Groupon Coupons while you shop.

Signing up is easy, you can get the App for your smartphone, which delivers daily deals or just sign up via your email. Simple, who doesn’t want to save thousands of pounds every year on shopping, so get in on the action now with thousands of coupons to choose from, from fashion, hotels, KFC, Starbucks, the list is endless. You could get a free taxi ride with Uber, saving you money to spend on something else, like days out, sports clothes, all branded products.

So you know that one thing you’ve wanted for a long time, maybe a piece of jewellery or that gift for someone special, well now you can get it, at an affordable price for you. It’s a win, win.

Go on you know you want to.

Groupon Goods = Endless Savings

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Need a new heater for your home or office?

Need a new set of saucepans for your home? Head over to Groupon there are thousands of products at discounted prices and I do mean thousands. From luggage sets to cutlery, pet stuff, luggage, clothes and shoes, all you need to do is sign up to your local area Groupon.

There are no membership fees, you don’t have to buy ten of each product and although you might have to pay a small amount of post and packing, the saving on the overall goods are nearly two-thirds of store-bought prices.



Take this Space Heater, for example, if you’re looking for a small heating solution for your office or living space, check this out. If you bought it in your local store, it would cost $44.99, buy it from Groupon and you save $19.50. You get a great heater, modern looking and in a choice of two colours with three different heat settings. What a bargain, the upside being if you don’t like the product you receive, you could either ask for a refund or sell it on as new and make a small profit. Win, win!

Another good thing is your first-time buyer discount when you first sign up you get a code to add to your first order for around 25% off, saving you even more. Last but not least check out the coupon page, where you can find coupons for money off in loads of high street stores or online stores, like the Disney Store, to name but one.

I regularly check my Groupon page before I shop anywhere in town, the last item I bought was a set of packing cubes, normally priced at $50.99 I bought them for $17.99 with shipping it came to around $20.00.

A word of warning, it can be addictive, so only look for what you really need, don’t go buying any old stuff just because it’s cheap, but with Christmas on the horizon, this could be a great way to get that extra special gift at a bargain price.

What do you love about Groupon?

Pet transportation to New Zealand

I’m not sure how many Pet relocation companies there are in the UK, I came across four, one which I ruled out straight away as it really only went to mainland Europe. As for the other three, well they are Pet Transfurs, not a great play on words, but quite a good service, but not for me and my two little dogs. The cost of transporting two small dogs runs into thousands of pounds, over three to be exact, this company was the most expensive, but to be fair, I just didn’t think I could work with the owner of the company.


raz nugget1

The next company I shortlisted was Pet Air UK. They are run by vets and look really professional, they have some reviews on their site that were all quite positive, so I got a quote.  Initially, this would have been my company of choice, due to a delay in our schedule (we were planning to leave in June, but were delayed because our dogs rabies injections hadn’t been done) I hadn’t paid the deposit to the company, so when I got back to them I was talking to a new consultant. This is when things started to go wrong, it may be just me, but when I’m paying over three thousand pounds I expect that service to be brilliant and I expect that consultant to know all the basics and answer all my questions.

Within a week I would say, I’d started to get a very bad feeling about this company. Although, the online section where I filled in all the details said New Zealand was our destination, every time I spoke to the office they referred to Australia. It’s a big difference! Not only this but when I sent an email with a few queries, none of them were answered, I just kept getting fobbed off. Crucial to the quote I believe, was transportation to the airport, this would cost me an extra £150, on top of the £3500. Very Expensive for a service I was already uneasy about. Even when I phoned the company to express my concerns and ask the questions again verbally rather than by email, I got three different answers, from three different people all still referring to Australia, rather than New Zealand.

After about two weeks when I was left thinking this was the only option I had, I managed to find another transportation service, near Heathrow. Airpets Ltd are a quarantine centre and they import and export pets. The reviews were good, but not only that, there was a youtube video where you saw how happy the animals were there and how they were treated. The staff looked like they really cared, so I asked for a quote for shipment. To be fair, it did take quite a long time for the quote to arrive and I had just about given up hope of getting it, then it arrived. The quote was under the price of the others by about four hundred pounds but included pick-up of the dogs from our house on the day of our flights. Excellent. I returned to their website and checked that I was still feeling as happy about them as I was previously and I was. So I emailed them,to confirm that I would be using their service as soon as our visas were confirmed.

As we are still in the process of emigrating, I will write another post later once we have moved to let you know the whole experience with Airpets Ltd.


Emigrating to New Zealand

If you’re thinking of emigrating from the UK to anywhere, but particularly to New Zealand, keep checking back here and I will go through our process as it happens. This could help give you an insight into how easy/difficult it is and any pitfalls to avoid.

We started the process of looking at emigrating over ten years ago, so it’s not some whim. Originally we thought Australia, we have friends already there and it is a beautiful country. But after checking out all the options we decided New Zealand was more us, similar in so many ways, yet different enough to make us want to move there.



Finally, we decided to start the process for a Skilled Migrant Visa. we had points to get in, we had jobs on the lists, to enable us to get the points and we had job experience to back that up. Perfect.

Finding a job while you’re still living in the UK is a whole different ball game. New Zealand, quite rightly, gives jobs to people who live in the country first. Try as we might we came up with a blank for a job, no matter how much we explained we were getting a visa, but we needed a job first.  So, two months before we are ready to go, we take the plunge and decide to go without jobs and find one whilst we are there. Brave or stupid? Well, we will soon find out.

So, our expression of interest is in and we wait, for our ticket to be picked up in the pool, so we can book everything else to go.

I have done extensive research on International mover, pet transfer agents, flights, accommodation over in New Zealand and all things to do with this move. I will reveal all here over the coming weeks.




Britain Stronger Out!

So, we’ve been to the polls, we voted out of the EU. This morning social media has gone mad, the Remain camp is angry. Angry, that we as a people with a democratic right to vote how we want have voted to leave. I mean, what a cheek. Don’t we understand the implications of what we’ve done? Our children will no longer be able to travel freely within the member states. Oh

This morning social media has gone mad, the Remain camp is angry. Angry, that we as a people with a democratic right to vote how we want have voted to leave. I mean, what a cheek. Don’t we understand the implications of what we’ve done? Our children will no longer be able to travel freely within the member states. Oh my God, I’ve ruined their lives.

What a load of stuff and nonsense, our children travel the world freely every day, with a passport and a visa, just like millions of other people who don’t live in the EU.

I cannot believe this has been peddled as an excuse. Before we joined the EU, people travelled, we all still have passports, it’s not like travelling will be any different.

I just popped into my local Tesco, where two members of staff, in their mid to late twenties, were saying how their parents and Grandparents shouldn’t have been able to vote because it doesn’t affect them. What nonsense. Perhaps young people, in twenty years time, when Immigration is controlled like Australia, the US and Canada, you will realise that perhaps the reason we voted Out was exactly for you.

Britain can be strong outside the EU, it’s not being part of the EU that gives us Brand Britain. It’s being diverse, being able to adapt to situations, whatever they may be. What makes Britain great is the British people. When there was food rationing during the wars, we adapted, when there were shortages of clothes and materials, we adapted. When cities were bombed, we adapted.

If the EU had collapsed during the last twenty years we would have adapted, it’s what makes us Great. So please if you read this, don’t be fooled into thinking this is the end of your travels, as long as you have a passport you can travel.The markets will adapt, the exchange rates will even up, you never know, in ten years time you may be thanking us.

Game of Thrones Season 6

Last night I thought Jon Snow was going to die again! Thankfully he seemed to be invincible in the epic battle, arrows flying all around him and he escaped without so much as a scratch. He was very dirty and he did nearly suffocate in the midst of the men being forced back against dead bodies. But he lived and thankfully, the most hated man in the North Ramsey Bolton has finally succumbed to death.

By the hand of his wife Sansa Stark and his much-revered dogs,that he hadn’t fed for seven days. He deserved to die in a spectacularly nasty way and it didn’t disappoint.

On the other side of the sea  Daenerys Targaryen was having another epic battle, a little more one-sided when you consider she has three dragons, the masters were slain and I imagine next week she will be making her way over to Westeros to claim the Iron throne. Although, there are another two series so it may not be that cut and dried.

There are still questions to be answered like Where is Brandon Stark? There is the small matter of the white walkers, will Daenerys travel North to come to the aid of Sansa and co when they are fighting the white walkers?

It’s all shaping up to be a great season finale next week. what are we all going to do for another year? I for one cannot wait!

Apart from the lovely blue label and the bottle which makes it seem like a luxury, the price is of course quite expensive. But, in saying that, it lasts for ages, when I say ages, I mean up to a year and for around £30.00 that’s not too bad.

You need the smallest amount in the palm of your hands, like a pea size. Then rub your hands together and spread through damp hair. Then style in your usual way.

It makes dry hair, that’s over processed, e.g. too much heat from straighteners and blow drying, soft to touch and smooth. The only way I can explain it, it’s like when you’ve treated yourself to a deep conditioning treatment, but you can do it at home, it costs less and only takes a few seconds.

Win Win, in my books. While I love going to the salon, I don’t really enjoy the prices they charge, especially when you know how much the products cost direct from the wholesaler.

Moroccan Oil is the original hair oil, many others are on the market now, but I have tried others and they aren’t as good as the original argon oil, they also don’t last as long, so they are a bit of a false economy.

If you live in the states and read this there is a link to a distributor, where you can get it at a very reasonable price, especially compared to the UK. If you live in the UK you can click through and check but at the time I published this they only shipped to the US, check eBay for cheaper prices than the salon.

Moroccanoil Moroccanoil Treatment/0.85 oz. by Moroccanoil

Death by Hanging

by Sally Pettit

While browsing Facebook the other day, I came across a statement made by someone I had known for over twenty years that surprised me. In response to the untimely death of the MP Jo Cox, he asserted that whichever party brought hanging back he would vote for them to get into parliament.

I made the point, that it was well advertised that Jo Cox was a pacifist, she wanted world peace and humanity, even in the event of her death I don’t think she would want hanging brought back.

Feelings were running high, she was a mother, a daughter, how would I feel  if it was me I was asked? What if I lost someone like that. In reply, yes I would be angry, yes I would probably feel like this person should die. But who would hang him? Me? No. In all honesty, I couldn’t ask anyone to do that for me,not even in those circumstances.

So, who would be the hangman, if it was brought back, them? No. You have to be a particular kind of person to kill a human, even if you believe they are evil. How would you sleep at night?

One of the reasons I’m writing this is because I feel so strongly that we are not put on this earth to take the life of another. Yes, they should be punished, incarcerated even, given hard labour, but not killed. You only have to look to America to see the effect death row has on its inmates. The threat of death does not stop people killing, mistakes are still made even though science has come a long way with DNA techniques.

Hanging was outlawed in the UK in 1965, not so long ago in fact. Initially, anyone could be hanged, if you stole a loaf of bread, or pickpocketed someone. Age was no barrier, children were hanged, mothers whose babies had died, who couldn’t prove they died of natural causes. The first bill brought to the commons to abolish the death penalty was in 1938, they had a pause in it for five years, but that was cancelled due to the outbreak of war.

In fact, it was still in our constitution until 2004 that we could invoke the right to Capital punishment in the face of a war breaking out. In 2004 we signed the 13th Protocol with the EU to say under no circumstances would we bring back Capital Punishment. There was a very good reason for this.

You have to ask the question, What would have happened to The Birmingham Six, The Guildford Four, had capital punishment been available then? Innocent men would have hung for crimes they did not commit. It’s not good enough to say, science is  now better and DNA can place these people at the scene. Human error brings in a dimension you cannot take out via science.The pressure put on the Police to get results when a murder as horrific as Jo Cox’s was is why people can’t be trusted in these situations.

People lie and that is the reason why Capital Punishment cannot be brought back.

Humans are supposed to be intelligent, to be compassionate. Whilst what this man did was evil and wrong, who are we to play God and take his life? Maybe we should help him understand what he did was wrong and why, rather than just take the easy option and hang him.


Review: Black Eyed Susans

by Sally Pettit

This is the first book I’ve read since finishing my OU degree on English Literature with a Creative Writing pathway. Lots of study books and analysis, so I was ready for a good gripping read. Don’t get me wrong, it was a gripping read and it was a good story. The only thing I can really say as a negative was how it ended.

The story kept you gripped throughout until the last chapter or so when the killer and attempted killer was revealed, it wasn’t who I thought it was, also good. I should say, SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t read it, you may not want to read on. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. Things I don’t understand: Why would her best friend keep her in pain for all those years? Why would she let an innocent man sit on death row waiting to be executed until the last minute and then help him get a reprieve, it was totally cruel and unnecessary, I don’t think it added to the story in any way.

This is really my only real gripe with the book, although the formatting, the constant to and fro between the past and the present is a little unsettling, trying to remember where you are in the story. Other than that, all the ends seemed to be tied up in the end.

Would I recommend this book, yes, its well written but I think it could have been better.

I’d give this a 5/10